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Project Details

Project Background

In the realm of air compliance and environmental services, safety is paramount. In line with OSHA regulations, companies like ACES (Air Compliance and Environmental Services) are required to have their employees wear safety colors while performing their duties. To meet this requirement and capitalize on a branding opportunity, ACES sought our expertise for custom-printed safety shirts for their employees.

Project Description and Materials Used

ACES provided their own safety shirts in vibrant safety orange and yellow colors. We utilized silkscreen printing techniques and impressively printed ACES logos in a contrasting navy color. The placement of the logos was strategic—on the back and on the front left chest of the shirts—to ensure visibility and recognition.

Problem Addressed and Approach

The challenge faced in this project was to effectively incorporate the company’s standard shirt prints onto these safety shirts. We drew from our extensive experience to utilize the shirts’ full-back and left chest areas—the same placements used on their standard shirts.

This ensured consistency across all company attire and reinforced brand recognition.

Project Benefits and Outcomes

The completion of this project has led to several benefits for ACES. Not only is the team now fully in compliance with OSHA safety color regulations, but they are also able to promote their company wherever they go. The custom-printed safety shirts serve as a mobile advertisement for ACES, extending their brand’s reach and visibility.

We’re excited to see their employees rocking these new shirts around town!


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