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Project Details

Bay Nursing has just launched its redesigned website, and it is sure to be the standard for nursing websites moving forward. After their original website was hacked, compromising their client’s security, the Fusion team was brought in to redesign the site.

We wanted to ensure that their online presence would be easily navigated by 50+ year-olds and could provide a safe haven for users without sacrificing functionality. The new website features larger text, an easy-to-navigate menu, plenty of contrast to clarify each page’s call to action, and of course, secure encryption practices so that user data is protected .

After weeks of hard work, the website is now live and ready for visitors. We are proud to have worked with Bay Nursing on this project and helped them rebuild their online presence. With a secure and user-friendly website, Bay Nursing can focus on what they do best—providing quality nursing care for their clients.

Check out the new site today to learn more about Bay Nursing!

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