Child Health Associates – Coffee Tumbler

Project Details

Child Health Associates (CHA) was excited to partner with Fusion Marketing to design and produce coffee tumblers featuring their logo. We were able to convert the CHA logo into a vector image, and then laser engraved it onto black Maars Maker Insulated Coffee Tumblers for a lasting effect. The tumblers also featured a sliding lid, perfect for keeping liquids hot or cold.

Child Health Associates wanted to show appreciation to their staff while also showcasing their brand in an eye-catching way. One of the primary things CHA wanted was for the cup to be dishwasher safe. Something most companies simply could not provide.

At Fusion Marketing, not only do we create engaging products that capture attention, but we use cutting edge technology to bring those products to life quickly and accurately. Through this innovative process, we were able to bring CHA’s vision of branded coffee tumblers into reality in no time at all! Partnering with Fusion Marketing allowed Child Health Associates to enhance their brand visibility through tangible products that will last far beyond a single campaign cycle!

Cup with logo 1 Cup with logo 2 Custom Coffee Tumbler 1 Custom Coffee Tumbler 2 Logo Tumbler 1 Logo Tumbler 2

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