Eastpointe Freestore – Pop-Up Shop Temporary Signage

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Project Details

Project Background

Eastpointe FreeStore, a community-centered initiative aimed at addressing economic inequality, was organizing a seasonal pop-up shop in a rented space. The challenge? They needed temporary but high-impact signage to draw the public’s attention to their event.

Project Description and Materials Used

We stepped in with a solution tailored to their needs – a full-color latex-printed banner. Crafted from durable 13-ounce vinyl and equipped with grommets on every foot along the sides, top, and bottom, this banner was designed for both visual appeal and easy installation.

Problem Addressed and Our Approach

The central issue was designing a banner that could be easily read by passersby, even those driving on the main road. We chose colors with high contrast, ensuring the text was clear and legible from a distance. Once the design was perfected, we installed the banner on the front of the building, maximizing its visibility.

Project Benefits and Outcomes

The impact was immediate. Even before we could wrap up the installation, people were already stopping by, their curiosity piqued by the vibrant banner. The holiday pop-up shop was a resounding success, providing free toys to over seven hundred children that weekend.

We love the Eastpointe Freestore and are happy to see another year of success!

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