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Project Details

Project Background

Fraser Jazzercise approached us with a unique challenge: they needed promotional shirts for their clients but were restricted from using the Jazzercise logo. They sought Fusion Marketing’s expertise to create a design that was both appealing and representative of their brand.

Project Description and Materials Used

We chose Bella + Canvas shirts for this project due to their high-quality feel, which we knew would be appreciated by Fraser Jazzercise’s clientele. Our team then crafted a playful design incorporating one of the studio’s popular sayings – “Ready Sweat Go!” The design was printed in a crisp, 1-color white on the front of the shirt, creating a striking contrast.

Problem Addressed and Approach

The primary aim was to create promotional merchandise that would not only be sold to clients but also help build a community and spread the word about the Fraser Jazzercise location. Given the restrictions on using the Jazzercise branding, Fusion Marketing’s creative prowess was put to the test.

Project Benefits and Outcomes

The result was more than just a t-shirt; this shirt will be used as an award for members who are proactively taking control of their health. These shirts will play a pivotal role in fostering a sense of community at the Fraser Jazzercise location in Michigan.

Fusion Marketing is proud to have partnered with Fraser Jazzercise, a renowned fitness establishment, to create promotional shirts that not only boost brand awareness but also foster a sense of community among their clients.

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