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Project Details

Project Background

The inception of Full Spectrum Body Art marked a vibrant addition to the local business community. Recognizing the necessity for effective storefront advertising to capture the essence of their brand and attract patrons, they sought our expertise. The goal was to create eye-catching window advertisements embodying their artistic and inclusive spirit.

Project Description and Materials Used

The foundation of this project was digitizing Full Spectrum Body Art’s logo. This process involved translating the intricate design into a digital format that could be accurately scaled and reproduced. We focused on selecting the appropriate fonts that would complement the logo and resonate with the tattoo shop’s aesthetic and ethos.
For the material for the window advertisement, we chose White 3M Series 50 Calendar Vinyl. This premium material was selected for its durability, color stability, and excellent finish, ensuring that the advertisements would maintain their visual impact over time and under the various weather conditions Michigan throws their way.

Problem Addressed and Approach

One of the significant challenges we encountered was digitizing the client’s logo. The original artwork’s complexity necessitated a meticulous approach to ensure that every detail was captured perfectly digitally. Despite these challenges, our commitment to achieving perfection never wavered. Our team employed a combination of manual dexterity and advanced graphic design tools to replicate the logo faithfully, preserving its originality and vibrance in the digital realm.
Before our intervention, the absence of any window advertisement meant that Full Spectrum Body Art was missing out on a crucial avenue for branding and customer engagement. Our approach was not only to address this gap but to do so in a manner that would make a lasting impression on both existing and potential customers.

Project Benefits and Outcomes

The installation of the white vinyl window advertisements has dramatically transformed the storefront of Full Spectrum Body Art, making it a beacon for creativity and self-expression in the community. The bright white background of the vinyl provides a striking contrast that enhances the visibility and legibility of the logo and messaging from a distance, ensuring it catches the eye of passersby.
The client expressed their excitement about the final outcome, praising the enhanced aesthetic appeal of their business front. The window advertisements have successfully elevated the brand presence of Full Spectrum Body Art, creating a welcoming and intriguing visual invitation to those intrigued by the art of body modification.
By bringing Full Spectrum Body Art’s brand to life through impactful window advertisements, we have helped lay a solid foundation for their business success and community engagement. This project shows that the Fusion Marketing team can overcome technical challenges and fulfill our client’s vision with precision and creativity. We’re thrilled to have contributed to their story and look forward to witnessing their growth!

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