Golden Harvest – Restaurant Website

Project Details

Golden harvest needed a new website. They wanted it to be in both English and Chinese to reach out to more customers. The restaurant had been using the same design for years, but they were ready for an update. Their current site was not mobile-friendly either, which meant that their customers were missing out on orders because of how inconvenient it was to use on mobile devices. Fusion Marketing designed them a new website with several features, including responsive design and an up-to-date menu. We translated all of the content into Chinese and made sure everything worked great across all types of devices (phones, tablets, etc.).

Golden Harvest Website HomepageChinese Food Website Responsize Food Website Website with Online Ordering Golden Harvest Website on phone Website with Chinese TranslationOnline Dim Sum Menu on Phone

Chinese Food English Menu

English Menu

Chinese Food Chinese Traditional Menu

Chinese (Traditional) Menu

Chinese Food Chinese Simplified Menu

Chinese (Simplified) Menu


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