I’m Out the Box: Silkscreen Shirts

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Project Details

Project Background

I’m Out the Box, a fast-growing clothing brand, specializes in customized and high-quality inspirational shirts. They approached our marketing firm in search of a reliable printing partner who could meet their discerning clientele’s expectations and deliver outstanding quality to reflect their brand’s values.

Project Description

Our team conducted comprehensive research to select the most appropriate materials for producing the silkscreen shirts that would not only provide a durable finish but also have a delightful feel. We ultimately chose shirts known for their premium fabric and consistent results. The designs were then imprinted using the silkscreen printing method, which ensures an accurate and vibrant reproduction of the artwork.

Materials Used

  1. Premium Shirts
  2. Silkscreen

Problem Addressed

The main challenge faced by I’m Out the Box was their struggle to find a printing partner they could trust to provide the high quality their clients deserved. They tried print-on-demand DTG printing, but the quality control was nonexistent. They were unable to confidently expand their product line due to concerns about potentially compromising their brand’s value.


Our marketing firm was committed to delivering the level of excellence I’m Out the Box sought for their silkscreen shirts. We took a customized approach, meticulously selecting materials and using advanced printing techniques catered to their specific needs. Attention to detail and quality assurance were our top priorities throughout the entire process, ensuring complete satisfaction from both I’m Out the Box and their end customers.

Benefits Achieved

Our collaboration with I’m Out the Box resulted in the production of silkscreen shirts that elevated their brand and exceeded their clients’ expectations. The benefits achieved include:

  1. High-Quality Prints: By utilizing premium shirts and silkscreen printing, we delivered stunning and precise prints that showcased the artwork and maintained their vibrancy.
  2. Enhanced Brand Reputation: By meeting and surpassing their clientele’s requirements, I’m Out the Box solidified their reputation as a premium lifestyle brand.
  3. Greater Customer Satisfaction: The exceptional quality of the shirts has led to increased customer satisfaction, resulting in positive feedback, referrals, and repeat business.
  4. Confidence to Expand: Through our unwavering commitment to quality, I’m Out the Box gained the assurance they needed to focus on expanding their product line without sacrificing their brand’s values.

By addressing I’m Out the Box’s concerns head-on, we managed to provide them with a successful solution. The results of this project highlight our marketing firm’s capabilities and dedication to delivering exceptional outcomes – no matter the challenge.

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