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Project Details

Project Background

Jenesis Entertainment, an established events and entertainment company, approached us for a much-needed update to their existing service tri-folds. Unfortunately, they no longer had the working files for their original trifold, which made it difficult to incorporate updates to their service offerings and brand aesthetics. Our team at the marketing firm was tasked with giving the outdated trifold a fresh look, while ensuring that the design complemented the client’s brand identity and overall vision.

Project Description and Materials Used

To successfully complete the service tri-fold redesign project, our team utilized the following materials and techniques:

  • Graphic Design: Our graphic designers collaborated closely with Jenesis Entertainment to understand their brand’s personality and visual direction, leading to the creation of custom illustrations and other graphics that brought their vision to life.
  • Brand Color Matching: To ensure the new trifold was consistent with Jenesis’ existing brand identity, the colors used in the design were carefully matched to their predefined brand palette.
  • 80 lb. Text Paper: The client desired a high-quality and durable material for their new trifolds. We selected 80 lb. text paper, which not only met their requirements but also enhanced the overall appearance of the design.
  • Full-Color Printing: To showcase the trifold’s vibrant colors and rich graphics, we employed full-color printing for a professional finish and visual appeal.
  • Folding: The final step in the project was to fold the tri-folds, ensuring clean creases that aligned perfectly with the new design’s layout.

Problem Addressed and Approach

With a lack of working files for the original trifold, our top priority was to bring Jenesis’ new service offerings to life while revamping the design to maintain the brand’s aesthetic. We approached this challenge by:

  1. Meeting with Jenesis to understand the updates required and gather all necessary information
  2. Analyzing their existing branding materials and assets to incorporate their visual language into the new trifold design
  3. Creating a fresh layout with a modernized, dynamic flow that effectively communicated their services and values
  4. Ensuring the design was well-organized, visually engaging, and easy on the eyes by using complementary colors, font weights, and visual elements that broke up the information

Project Benefits and Outcomes

With our comprehensive understanding of Jenesis Entertainment’s needs and vision derived from our long-standing working relationship, we were able to achieve multiple benefits for the client:

  • Updated Design: The newly designed trifold successfully showcased their updated services and gave their marketing materials a modern and captivating refresh.
  • Consistent Branding: The redesigned trifold preserved their brand identity by utilizing matching colors and graphical elements that were in line with their existing materials.
  • Enhanced User Experience: The layout and visual hierarchy were crafted to ensure easy reading and engagement, making the new trifold an effective tool for presenting Jenesis’ services to potential clients.
  • High-Quality Printing: We meticulously printed and flawlessly folded the new tri-folds, ensuring that the final product met Jenesis’ quality expectations.

In conclusion, the Service Tri-folds Redesign project for Jenesis Entertainment demonstrated our marketing firm’s capabilities to excel in delivering results while ensuring customer satisfaction, despite the challenging circumstances.

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