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Project Details

Project Background

This client, a prominent player in the Michigan cannabis industry, was referred to us by one of our existing clients. They were preparing for their participation in the prestigious Michigan Cannabis Cup and required immediate assistance with product packaging design. Unfortunately, their previous graphic designer had been unable to finalize the designs within a timeline that would allow the printer to produce the materials in time for the event.

Project Description and Materials Used

In response to the client’s needs, we initiated a fast-tracked process to create a stunning vector design for their product packaging. Our team worked closely with the client to understand their brand identity, vision, and specific requirements for the Cannabis Cup.

Materials and techniques utilized included:

  • Vector Design: We employed vector graphics to provide a scalable and versatile design that could be used across various packaging sizes without any loss in quality.
  • Rapid Prototyping: Given the tight deadline, we utilized rapid prototyping to quickly develop and refine the design based on the client’s feedback.
  • Rush Printing: To meet the client’s deadline, we coordinated with our trusted printing partners to ensure expedited production of the packaging materials.

Problem Addressed and Approach

The main challenge was the stringent timeline due to the inability of the client’s former graphic designer to deliver the needed designs on time. To address this, we:

  • Immediately mobilized our design team and briefed them about the urgency of the project.
  • Engaged in rapid iterative design sessions with the client to finalize the artwork in the shortest possible time.
  • Coordinated with our printing partners to expedite the printing process once the design was approved.

Project Benefits and Outcomes

Our prompt response and effective project management resulted in several benefits for the client:

  • Stunning Artwork: We delivered a captivating vector design that effectively represented the client’s brand at the Cannabis Cup.
  • Met the Deadline: Despite the tight timeline, we were able to provide rush printing and deliver the product packaging in time for the event, allowing the client to focus on other aspects of their participation.

Additional Information

To respect our client’s privacy, we have refrained from disclosing their identity in this case study. This project is a testament to our capabilities in delivering high-quality design work under tight deadlines and ensuring client satisfaction.

In conclusion, the product packaging project for the Michigan Cannabis Cup demonstrated our ability to swiftly respond to client needs, deliver stunning designs, and manage production logistics effectively. We look forward to assisting more clients in the fast-paced and dynamic cannabis industry.

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