Rodgers Elementary – School Entrance Signage

Project Details

Project Description: Our team at Fusion crafted a visually stunning Rocket logo sign for the entrance of Rodgers Elementary School. We aimed to create an eye-catching and memorable centerpiece that would instill a sense of pride and belonging in the students and leave a lasting impression on visitors. To achieve this, we designed the sign before printing it onto a durable AMC Panel, ensuring that it would last for years to come. The final installation included the use of standoff mount hardware, securing the sign firmly in place.

Challenges Overcome:

  • Designing a welcoming visual element for the entrance of the school’s main door that promotes school spirit
  • Creating a kid-friendly and resistant design to prevent wear and tear or vandalism
  • Ensuring the final design would be long-lasting and remain visually appealing

Design Solutions: Our designer’s creative approach resulted in a captivating red Rocketship logo, representing the school’s values and aspirations in a unique and colorful way. By printing on an AMC Panel, we were able to guarantee the longevity of the sign and eliminate concerns about any possible wear and tear.

Impact and Results: The roughly 8′ wide and 4′ tall school entrance signage has become a vibrant symbol of the school’s spirit and a popular photo backdrop for students, parents, and staff alike. The colorful Rocketship logo serves as a constant source of inspiration and pride for the entire school community.


  • Custom-designed Rocket logo sign
  • Printed on durable AMC Panel
  • Mounted securely using standoff mount hardware
  • Size: 8′ wide x 4′ tall


The sign we created has been an amazing success, and it has become an extremely prominent part of the school’s visual identity. Standing tall and proud at the main entrance, it serves as a constant reminder of the students’ values, ambitions, and potential for greatness. Through exquisite design, careful attention to detail, a focus on using only the highest quality materials, and the implementation of precise production techniques, we were able to craft an impactful and inspiring entrance sign for the school. We truly believe that the sign will continue to motivate and inspire students, teachers, parents, and visitors for many years to come!


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