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Project Details

Project Background

Roseville Community Schools approached Fusion Marketing with a project. They needed a logo installed on the wall in a room where they hold school board meetings. The aim was to enhance the professional ambiance of the meeting space.

Project Description and Materials Used

In response to this need, we printed a 24″ logo on J-bond, a high-quality aluminum composite material known for its durability and smooth finish. We mounted the logo on the wall during installation using 3/4 stand-off system mounts to create more depth.

Problem Addressed and Our Approach

The challenge presented by the project was the empty wall behind the board members. Interestingly, the wall’s curved nature worked to our advantage. We used the stand-off system mounts to create an illusion of depth, adding an extra dimension to the installation.

Project Benefits and Outcomes

The result is a visually impressive logo that serves as a striking backdrop for the school board meetings. It not only elevates the professional atmosphere but also reinforces the school’s brand identity in every frame of its meetings.

Fusion Marketing is always happy to help make schools more vibrant and inspiring spaces for students, staff, and community members. We enjoyed working on this project and hope to do more for Roseville Community Schools in the future.

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