When most people think of farms, they think of green rolling hills, fresh air, and a simpler time. But the reality is that running a farm is hard work. It takes dedication, passion, and a lot of elbow grease to make it succeed. Healing Homestead is no exception. This family-owned farm in Tennessee has been thriving for years in Michigan before deciding to take the plunge and move across the US. We were proud when asked to create their logo and brand identity. The result was a simple but elegant logo featuring an old barn. The tagline “We Harvest Happiness” is arched over the barn like a rainbow and encapsulates everything Healing Homestead stands for. We look forward to seeing their business grow in the coming years! Though we are based in Michigan, our team has created brand identities for companies all over the US. From conception to creation, we work with you every step of the way to make sure your brand has a consistent voice and message. Our vast experience means we can also provide SEO, website design, social media management, and consulting services.