Creative Marketing for Easter Sales – April 17th

by | Dec 27, 2021

When thinking of creative ways to market a sale on or around the Easter holiday, many retailers will turn to the Easter Bunny, a live Easter egg hunt, a Virtual Easter egg hunt, or Easter eggs as their only marketing strategy. Do you see the theme here?

Easter sales are typically associated with candy, bunnies, and chocolate Easter eggs. As a result, retailers may be tempted to think that these items are the only ways to implement an Easter promotion during this holiday. However, there are other ways for an Easter marketing campaign without focusing on candy, Easter eggs, and the Easter Bunny.

We’re here to help with a few marketing ideas for an Easter holiday sale!

  • Run an Easter campaign including an Easter photo contest through social media platforms where customers upload pictures of themselves with their Easter purchases, Easter-themed treats, or their favorite Easter photos while celebrating with their family through social media posts for a chance to win a prize.
  • Easter promotions are perfect for marketing efforts to showcase special discounts on clothing, home decor, and gift items that people will use year-round.
  • Create an Easter basket giveaway on social media or in the store. Customers love giveaways. Why not give them the chance to win an Easter basket filled with plastic Easter eggs containing discounts for items in your store! Your business will get the bonus of free word-of-mouth marketing every time they tell a friend that they won!
  • Host a coloring contest for kids with Easter-themed prizes. Parents love it when businesses think about their kids!
  • Partner with a local charity to raise awareness for less fortunate kids and donate a percentage of the Easter sale profits to them. This is a great way to give back to the community and show that your business cares while also reaching your target audience and bringing in new potential customers.

When advertising for Easter marketing, it’s essential to think outside the box for holiday marketing potential! There are many different ways to market a sale around this holiday without focusing on candy and bunnies. The possibilities are endless when it comes to advertising around holidays. We’re just here to help get you started!

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