Creative Marketing Ideas for Presidents Day – February 21st

by | Dec 27, 2021

Presidents Day is held on the third Monday in February. This is a day to celebrate our nation’s leaders’ accomplishments. However, presidents Day is also an excuse, like other holidays, for any business owner to have a sale!

If you’re looking for some marketing ideas to help you celebrate Presidents’ Day, look no further.

  • Have a “Presidents Day” sale! This is the most obvious way to celebrate Presidents’ Day, and it’s also one of the most effective. Run a sale on your products or services online, or offer a special deal for people who shop at your store on the holiday. A Presidents Day sale is an excellent marketing opportunity for a small business that needs a tried and true way of selling off winter inventory! You could even run the deal for the whole weekend leading up to the holiday!
  • If you maintain a bookstore, you could have a one-day special, or longer promotions, on books about George Washington or Abraham Lincoln for the holiday.
  • A coin shop could have promotions on replica presidential coins.
  • Host a Presidents Day party for your customer base! You don’t even need to make it formal by checking guest lists or buying invites. Simply let your friends know through your email list that you’re having a party on the holiday. If they’d like to stop by for some food, beverages, and fun conversation while taking advantage of an in-store-only sale for the holiday, they’re welcome! Design tip: A small business should take the time to make eye-catching signs, decorate in a red, white, & blue theme, use stylized flag graphics in the business for the Presidents Day holiday. You could even set up in-store countdown timers for the party!
  • If you have a blog, write about presidents and post a list of interesting facts about past presidents on Presidents’ Day. This will help to give your blog traffic a boost.
  • Small businesses with an eCommerce site can run a Presidents Day sale specifically on items with the USA or American flag theme. (Make sure to stock up!)
  • Run a social media contest where customers post pictures of their kids wearing red, white, and blue over the weekend before Presidents’ Day. To make it more fun, make up a holiday-themed trivia question like “Which president once had a pet turkey?” at the start of the weekend, and on Monday, have the winner choose between a small prize or a discount code.
  • Have people visit your store for giveaways or. This can be as simple as offering a free treat to people who have a Presidents Day shirt on or an ice cream cone for those in American flag clothing.

Take advantage of Presidents’ Day! Don’t let the opportunity slip to promote your products or services and get traffic to your business or website. You can create some great ways to celebrate the holiday and increase customers and sales with a bit of inspiration!

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