Creative Marketing Ideas for Saint Patrick’s Day – March 17th

by | Dec 27, 2021

In honor of St. Patrick’s day, we have developed a list of business marketing ideas. These are sure to give you some Saint Patrick’s Day spirit and create customer awareness about your company, product, or service!

Take advantage of the day by following these St. Patrick’s Day marketing ideas:

  • Run a contest where people submit photos of themselves celebrating St. Paddy’s Day in unique or funny ways like breakfast of green eggs or people dressed up and participating in a holiday scavenger hunt. The winners could get prizes such as a gift card or a free product. Make sure to advertise on your social media pages!
  • Donate a portion of your sales on St. Patrick’s Day to a local organization to promote goodwill and show your support for your local community.
  • Give out green ribbons or other green products such as candy attached to a business card. This is sure to catch people’s attention and remind them of your company while they’re celebrating the holiday. Make sure you get festive in your brick-and-mortar store! In-store on holiday or the day of your St. Patrick’s day promotion, wear green t-shirts, sport four-leaf clovers, play Irish songs, and set up a window display in your business to draw people in. Remember, Everyone is Irish today! St Patrick’s Day is the perfect holiday to bring new customers into your business!
  • Develop a social media campaign that revolves around St. Patrick’s Day. Hashtags like #stpatricksday or #luckoftheirish can help get your content seen by more people. A local business can use social media to give out additional St. Paddy’s Day promotions for sharing their posts. This could be incentives like free food or drink coupons that can be used in-store or online. If you’re a national business, use hashtags like #greenisgood to spread your holiday promotions and share other interesting posts about St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Decorate the outside of your business with green lights or streamers to create an inviting environment and let lovers of the holiday know you’re excited about it! You could even send out official invitations asking people to visit your company! This St. Patrick’s Day marketing strategy is especially great for businesses looking to get more foot traffic.
  • Does your business have any special holiday treats? Promote those and sales on any green merchandise prominently on social media to create buzz!
  • Create a special St. Patrick’s Day sale for customers on March 17th only, such as a 10-15% discount on all Irish-themed items.
  • St. Patrick’s day promotion ideas for a restaurant would be to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and offer traditional Irish breakfast, shepherd’s pie, corned beef, and other traditional Irish foods. Make sure employees wear green, serve green beer (if you have a liquor license), and serve Irish soda bread as a special treat with their meal. If customers visit the restaurant wearing green, give them a discount!
  • Mail clients a lottery ticket or scratch-off card with a special offer or discount code to be used on your website or in-store to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Sponsor free Uber or Lyft rides for drunk people to make sure your St. Patrick’s Day marketing also makes a difference in the local community!
  • Give discounts to people who visit the business wearing green.
  • Create a video for social media asking your fans and followers to “Get Lucky” by visiting your business on St. Patrick’s Day. Give St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts with your logo to those who visit wearing green or buying green merchandise. This is a great way to get free advertisement whenever they wear your company’s St. Patrick’s Day marketing shirt.
  • Offer customers green beer or other green alcoholic beverages as part of an enticement. (as long as you have a liquor license!)
  • Hand out cheap green sunglasses with your logo attached to a business card. This is sure to catch the eyes of people of all ages.
  • Pay a bar to “name a drink” after you for the night and put it on special… The “Cloverleaf” shot, “Big Boys” beer special, etc.

There are endless opportunities for businesses to market themselves on St. Patrick’s Day. Using some of these ideas can create awareness and excitement for your company while also celebrating one of the most fun holidays of the year!

There are many more great ideas for marketing around St. Patrick’s Day, so feel free to come up with your own! So get out there and have fun this St. Patty’s day, but don’t forget to do something special for your business as well!

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