How can a lawyer increase their number of clients?

There are multiple creative marketing ideas for law firms to increase their clientele. Many years ago, a person would find a lawyer by word of mouth from a friend, or you would see an advertisement in the newspaper. Now digital marketing for law firms is the most significant way to gain clients.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing (or Internet marketing) is digital media advertising through websites, social media sites, blogs, and other online channels. It is widely considered the best way to increase digital traffic and visits to a website. That traffic is what converts to business.

Most people that search for lawyers, attorneys, or legal advice, in general, tend to search online rather than picking up the phone book. The days of calling an attorney’s name from the phone book are long gone. Today, if you want to target clients, then law firm digital marketing is critical.

digital marketing for law firms

What does a digital marketing company do that you can’t do on your own?

The digital marketing experts will do many things for a law firm that you may not have the time or digital marketing knowledge to do on your own. In addition, they will have tools specifically designed to make your internet marketing thrive and the ability to do everything from creating a logo for your firm to managing your social media and creating content for your blog posts.

Do law firms need a professional digital marketing service?

A digital marketing service will help you reach digital audiences in many ways that many law firms and attorneys are still not tapping into. Therefore, it is essential to have digital marketing services for your digital presence. It can lead to better search engine rankings, more leads, higher conversions, qualified traffic, sales, and eventually more clients for your firm.

At Fusion Marketing, we are ready to take your law firm to the top! We are internet marketing experts with years of experience in the market, using proven digital media strategies to help your firm grow, develop new client relationships, and ultimately increase income.

Why does digital marketing for law firms matter for boosting clientele?

Digital Marketing for law firms can create positive brand awareness that isn’t possible with traditional marketing techniques like yellow page ads or newspaper ads. Digital Marketing for law firms uses digital advertising, content creation, and search engine optimization to enhance your digital presence, so it is the best option to target new clients.

As stated before, people resort to digital means above any other when looking for an expert in a field. Fusion Marketing, our services will boost your digital presence and thus improve brand awareness to get the target clients that you need to be successful.

The best law firm digital marketing options 

Social media presence:

By being present on social media platforms, you can create a digital footprint for your law practice that is constantly updated with new posts and images to increase visibility to your target audience. Social media marketing is necessary for most businesses in this day and age.

A great website:

Your website is one of the first things your clients see! Therefore, your practice’s website should have high-quality content that is easy to read and well organized. If you think digital marketing for law firms isn’t your strong point, then you should consider hiring an internet marketing service to get your website up to par.

Digital advertising:

You can run digital ads on websites like Facebook or google that are specific to a consumer’s location to target digital users in your area.


Having a factual and easy-to-digest blog for digital readers will help increase traffic, leads, and clients for law firm digital marketing.

Search engine optimization (SEO):

Search Engine Optimization helps law practices rank higher on Google search results due to the content that is easily accessible for digital users.

Content marketing:

A law firm should create digital content that is unique and has a purpose to help digital users find their website easily on search engines like Google. In addition, content marketing will help practices attract new clients in today’s digital world.

Why should a law office hire a reputable digital marketing Service?

Most people do not have the law firm digital marketing skills necessary to get the most digital traffic for their website, social media profiles, or digital advertising. If they have a professional internet marketing company working on these things for them, it will save them time and money.

Digital Marketing takes hours of training. Therefore, an attorney should not just hire someone with no experience in this field and hope that all goes well and they still get results faster than a digital marketing agency can produce even better results.

An online marketing service that is most reputable and experienced in digital advertising and digital content creation can help lawyers with their law firm’s digital marketing campaigns to achieve better results. A digital marketing agency will also know how to advertise specifically to your clientele basis. 

Digital marketing agencies are more experienced with SEO best practices because most people have no idea how Google works to rank websites. Hiring an external agency is also crucial because it would focus solely on your online presence, which is what you want, rather than having multiple responsibilities, which can lead to not having enough time for what is essential; your practice.

Using digital advertising agencies to market your practice digitally will save you time and money and give you better results than if you tried doing it all on your own. In addition, an online marketing company is the most efficient way to reach digital users looking for a practice like yours. 

Without a digital marketing company, law firms will not grow their clientele and digital presence as fast as necessary in this competitive world. An online marketing company can help law firms reach their digital goals by increasing brand awareness, creating digital content of the highest quality, and assisting digital law firms in ranking on search engines for keywords relevant to their practice. In addition, they will know how to come up with a marketing strategy that fits you.

At Fusion Marketing, we are experienced in all of the above.

What are the best digital resources to market a law firm online to attract new clients?

The digital resources available to help digital marketers attract clients are plentiful.

One digital resource available is Facebook, where digital marketing campaigns can be created to target their audience. Another digital resource for online marketing is digital ads targeted to specific geographic areas to find the best digital users in that area. Blogs are also a digital resource for digital marketers, as blogs can increase traffic and leads for law firms because it is easily accessible for readers. Finally, digital content marketing is also an essential digital resource for lawyers to have a successful and profitable practice. They need unique content with a purpose so digital users will find it easier on search engines like Google.

Tried and true ways to drive more call conversions with digital marketing 

You can use online marketing to increase your conversion rates and get digital users to contact you. You need digital marketing if you want more clients contacting you about their legal issues. Digital marketing agencies that can help your law firm get more calls from potential clients are the best choice for your law firm.

We use one proven way at our agency, driving call conversions with digital advertising like Facebook ads. Getting more calls from potential clients through Facebook ads will increase conversion rates because people want what they see – especially if what they’re seeing pertains to their situation.

Another proven way that digital marketing can drive conversion rates is digital content marketing like blogging. When digital users see your articles or blog posts, they’ll want to reach out to you about their legal issues.

Driving call conversions is the entire point of digital marketing. Therefore, it is vital to create law firm digital marketing campaigns to get digital users to contact law firms online or by phone. By doing this, digital marketing services can not only help law firms increase their leads, but they can also help attorneys’ conversion rates improve as well. 

We know these digital marketing techniques work because we use these online marketing strategies daily, along with many more of which the general public is not often knowledgable.

Why having a great-looking and functional website is essential for increasing clientele for an attorney.

A well-designed website for a law firm will help lawyers convert digital users more often.

If a potential client can’t quickly isolate the information that they need on your website, or if it looks outdated, cluttered, or not functional, they’re going to get frustrated and are likely to bounce right off of it and onto another site. A digital user will not do business with someone who doesn’t even know the importance of a functional website, so make sure that you have a digital agency that knows how to create something easy for your clients to maneuver. Having an easy-to-navigate website is vital because it increases the digital users’ likelihood of staying on your digital site and eventually making a conversion. 

Often, your website is the first chance you get to make an impression. If it doesn’t stack up to what a potential client is looking for, you’ve most likely missed your shot. At Fusion Marketing, we’re willing to go the distance to make your firm stand out. 

digital marketing for lawyers

Why publishing informative/educational content on your website is so essential for a law firm

Digital marketers must publish content like articles or blogs on a law firm’s website. If a reader has read your article or blog post, they are more likely to contact you about their legal issue because they have found out that you have the expertise to help them personally.

If digital marketers create digital content to be shared on social media platforms, digital marketers can engage with their digital users in new and exciting ways. They can also use digital content like articles or blogs to lead into sales calls, increasing digital user conversion rates.

Increasing a law firm’s clientele is essential, so digital marketers need to create digital campaigns that make potential clients contact an attorney of their own volition. To get more digital users calling you, make sure that you are posting relevant content frequently. 

How using SEO strategies can make your firm a household name.

SEO strategies are search engine marketing tactics that improve your law firm’s visibility to digital users by “search engine optimization.” This means that digital marketers create digital content with certain keywords, then they place those keywords in specific parts of digital content.

SEO is essential because it provides digital users a way to find an attorney or lawyer when searching for something specific. If digital marketers do not optimize their digital content, digital users will never see the law firm or attorney that they are looking for. SEO is also important because it helps digital marketers track how many digital users a specific site is getting, in addition to what keywords those digital users used to get there.

To create a household name for your law firm, digital marketers should create digital content rich with keywords. This digital content will optimize with the search engines, helping digital users find you in their searches.

If digital marketers use more general keywords like “personal injury lawyer,” your digital content will not be as optimized to search engine results because many other law firms use those specific terms. The point of SEO is to get your firm recognized above all of the others.

How to use social media to secure more law firm clients

One of the most common digital marketing strategies is social media. Social media has been around for many years and was created to connect people and share information worldwide. 

Social media is one way that digital marketers use to secure more clients for a law firm. People have created digital communities where digital users share information on every topic imaginable.

When digital marketers are using social media, they must post relevant content because most digital users visit social media platforms specifically to find out what digital content is trending or what digital content is most relevant to their interests.

If digital marketers want to secure more clients, they should use social media to post digital content related to the firm’s field of law. If digital users find your digital content interesting or helpful, they will follow you and keep up to date with all of your digital activity. This converts to new clients!

How blogging can enhance your client base

Blogging is a great way to enhance the client base for a law office. In addition, blogs allow digital marketers to create digital content that is both “shareable” and searchable.

Blogging is an online marketing tactic that an internet marketing agency will use to get their law firm’s name out there, which will result in more digital client conversions over time. In addition, digital marketers can enhance their digital blogs by using SEO strategies so that more digital users will find them, and digital marketers can post digital blogs with words related to specific fields of law.

This strategy is vital because blogs allow digital marketers to get digital users’ opinions on legal issues, which means that digital marketers can convert digital users into clients when those digital users have trouble with the law.

Will posting reviews from your clients benefit your recognition online?

If digital marketers post reviews from clients on their website, then digital marketers give clients the ability to influence other digital users.

Reviews give potential clients an idea of what kinds of cases your law firm will take and how the attorney may handle them. The best part to the digital user is that this information is coming straight from a client that hired the attorney.

Reviews show digital users that you are not afraid to receive criticism. Potential clients like the idea of getting honest feedback on digital platforms because it helps digital users make a decision.

If you want to attract more digital clientele, you should ask your clients for reviews after the case is complete or provide a space where they can leave digital reviews.

How an online marketing company can take care of reputation management for your law firm

Online reputation management is key to a law firm’s digital marketing online, and a digital marketing company like Fusion Marketing can save your team a lot of time and effort. An internet marketing agency will market your firm on digital platforms and help you manage the digital online reputation for your law firm.

Why choose Fusion for your marketing plan?

We are a digital marketing company with a reputation for digital excellence. With our help, your law firm will have the best digital online reputation management possible. We provide services to many lawyers and are always doing industry research to make us the best option for marketing for lawyers.

Call us today to discuss conversion rate optimization strategies! Let us set you up to thrive in this competitive field.

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