Marketing for Martin Luther King JR Day Sales – January 17th

by | Dec 27, 2021

In honor of Martin Luther King’s life, to celebrate Dr. MLK Jr. Day, many retailers will plan to have sales in mid-January. While not all of these deals are specifically for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a federal holiday is always a fantastic time to have a sale!


Here are some ways for retailers to make Martin Luther King Day promotions unique:

  • Martin Luther King Day has traditionally been an excellent day for big-ticket item sales. Any retailer can create a holiday sale event on their biggest ticket items to draw in customers who may be shopping for the right sale before making a big purchase with a retailer.
  • Have a “secret sale” for the occasion where customers that mention MLK Jr. Day at checkout receive 25% off their entire store purchase. Make sure to post about it (include a promo code) on any social media site, as well as have a big sign near the door to your store that many people will see on their way in.
  • Retailers may have a “buy one, get one half off” or “buy one, get one free” holiday sale on a specific item on Martin Luther King day only! (i.e., clothing, bath items, shoes, fitness gear, home goods, furniture, etc.) This works very well at stores that sell various items. It will get shoppers through retailers’ doors to look around and possibly decide to buy more than one thing, especially if they know that discounts are a limited-time promotion.
  • Use deep discounts on all winter clothing and clearance items. Mark them down by 50% on Martin Luther King Jr. Day only! An MLK sale is a great way to clear out any winter clothes that are no longer in style or that you’ve had for a while and need to get rid of.
  • Sponsor a local event on MLK Day to celebrate the civil rights leader. This could be anything from a free breakfast to a weekend festival. In return, you can hand out flyers or coupons for your store to attendees.


Whatever type of MLK day sale event you choose to have in the celebration of this civil rights leader’s life, make sure to get the message out and promote it heavily! Use social media, your website, in-store signage, and any other marketing materials you have to let people know about the fantastic MLK day sales that you’re offering. The Martin Luther King Day holiday is one of many holidays that are an excellent opportunity to bring in some extra business using sales and promotions. So be sure to take advantage of MLK day!

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