Master Artwork Precautions

You have finished the graphic design process and have an optional hard copy of your finished artwork — now what?

We provide many clients with both digital and hard copies (disks) of their custom designs, logos, and artwork. We archive all projects but do not under any circumstances guarantee that we can provide you with an additional copy (digital or tangible) should your master copy become misplaced, deleted, corrupt, or anything else. Computers can crash, files can be lost, hard drives can break, the list goes on and on…

logo master copy

Below are a few precautions you can take to ensure artwork master copy safety.

  • Copy all of your artwork onto 2 different locations like a USB drive and work computer. Use the new copies to work from.
  • Create a backup copy (or two) of your artwork.
  • Store your original artwork someplace safe and dry.
  • Upload a copy of your master artwork to a cloud storage program like Dropbox.

Discs kept in a cooler, less-humid environment and not subjected to extreme environmental changes last longer!

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