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Project Details

Project Background

In 2016, American Blind Cleaning Company approached Fusion Marketing with a unique request. They had a vision for their logo but needed professional assistance to bring it to life.

The client knew exactly what they wanted for their logo and provided a hand-rendered sketch as the basis for the design. Their primary challenge was finding a company that could accurately translate their idea into a polished and professional logo. Leveraging our graphic design and branding expertise, we were more than ready to rise to the challenge.

Project Description and Materials Used

We worked closely with the ABCC, using Adobe Illustrator to convert their sketch into an engaging logo. Every detail was meticulously considered, including the very specific colors they chose to represent their brand.

Problem Addressed and Approach

Our approach was straightforward – take the client’s vision and elevate it to a professional standard. This process involved careful interpretation of their sketch, ensuring that the final logo design retained the original concept while meeting industry standards.

Project Benefits and Outcomes

The result was a logo that not only met the client’s expectations but also embodied their vision. The excitement from the American Blind Cleaning Company team was palpable, affirming that we had successfully translated their idea into a professional design.
We love taking a client’s vision and turning it into a reality. We hope American Blind Cleaning Company is just as happy today as they were when we delivered their logo.

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