A&E Appliance Repair – Silkscreen Work Shirts

Project Details

A retro-style throwback logo for a lasting impression

Overview: Our agency was approached by A&E Appliance Repair for a creative and eye-catching design for their work shirts. This was part of a larger project. Utilizing our expertise in branding and graphic design, we created a distinctive retro-style logo for their red and black silkscreen work shirts. The bespoke silkscreen design not only captures the essence of the company’s brand but also reinforces their commitment to both style and quality service.

Challenges & Solutions: A&E Appliance Repair brought us the challenge of crafting a unique logo that stood out in a crowded market. Our skilled design team conducted extensive research and undertook several revisions to create a captivating retro-style throwback logo. To ensure consistency and a strong brand image, we coordinated the design with the company’s existing branding while considering the potential for future rebranding.

Tools & Techniques: Our team made use of advanced graphic design tools, such as Adobe Illustrator, to bring the project to life. By employing these tools, we were able to create high-resolution graphics suited for the silkscreening process. Further, our expertise in typography and composition allowed us to develop a visually striking design that honored the spirit of A&E Appliance Repair’s brand.

Outcome: The final result was a perfect blend of modernity and nostalgia. The red and black shirts featured a white silkscreen design on the back and left chest that showcased the company’s retro logo. A&E Appliance Repair was beyond satisfied with the outcome, prompting discussions about potentially using the design for rebranding. After careful consideration, we advised against rebranding, as the current branding held strong recognition and lengthy history.

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Through our hard work and dedication, we successfully provided A&E Appliance Repair and their customers with a unique, memorable design that speaks volumes about their commitment to quality service. Our proven graphic design and branding expertise demonstrates yet another victorious project in our expansive portfolio, perfect for potential clients searching for an agency that delivers outstanding results.

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