Eastpointe FreeStore – Holiday Flyer

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Project Details

Project Background

Eastpointe Freestore needed a captivating way to inform the community about their holiday event. Fusion Marketing stepped in, donating our graphic design services and handling the print requirements for the occasion.

Incorporating the spirit of giving and community, Fusion Marketing was proud to partner with Eastpointe Freestore for their holiday pop-up event.

Project Description and Materials Used

Using Adobe Photoshop, we created a dynamic, two-sided flyer that effectively communicated the event’s details. We also adapted the flyer into a 1:1 layout suitable for social media platforms. The flyers were printed on high-quality 16-point cardstock, ensuring durability and a professional feel.

Problem Addressed and Approach

The challenge was to create a holiday theme that resonated with everyone in the community, regardless of their specific holiday traditions. To achieve this, we chose a vibrant color scheme of yellow, black, and green. The design featured an appealing image of a child elf with a gift, attracting attention without tying it to any specific holiday.

Project Benefits and Outcomes

Our efforts yielded significant results. More than 2500 flyers were distributed to local residents, while the online version reached thousands more. The event was a resounding success, providing over 700 children with free holiday gifts.

Our team at Fusion Marketing is proud to have been a part of this thriving community initiative as we weren’t only involved in the design and printing process, but our company is also deeply engaged with this mutual aid initiative.

Here’s to another great year for the Eastpointe FreeStore!


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