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Project Details

Project Background

As part of our ongoing efforts to educate and inform our clientele, we embarked on a project to create and print cards for internal use. These cards are designed to highlight some of our services and give our clients a tangible reminder of the benefits they can expect from partnering with Fusion Marketing.

Project Description and Materials Used

We used a 16pt card stock to ensure durability and a premium feel. Each card features full-color, double-sided printing, showcasing our previous work while highlighting key points about the service. We applied a UV gloss finish to enhance the visual appeal and longevity of the cards.

Problem Addressed and Our Approach

The main challenge was capturing the essence of our services’ wide range in a limited space. We addressed this by selecting notable projects from our portfolio and accompanying them with concise, bullet-pointed descriptions. This approach allowed us to present complex information in a simple, digestible format to provide a snapshot of each service, giving clients a clear understanding of the potential benefits.

Project Benefits and Outcomes

These rack cards serve as an extension of Fusion Marketing’s commitment to education and informed decision-making. They offer a snapshot of the benefits of our services, helping clients understand the potential value and results they can achieve through our partnership.

In addition, the cards’ high-quality materials and professional design reflect our dedication to excellence and attention to detail, reinforcing our credibility in the industry.

With these cards, we’re confident that we’ve created a powerful tool to help our clients make well-informed decisions about their marketing needs, ultimately leading to successful partnerships and outcomes.

We look forward to utilizing these rack cards to educate, inspire, and engage our clients. We hope to continue providing valuable resources for our clients in the future. So, if you ever need assistance with marketing or print projects, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’d love to help you achieve your goals.

Custom Printing

Printing your own business cards, letterheads, and other office materials can be a hassle. You have to spend time researching what stock to use, what design to pick, and how to print them correctly. Leave the printing to the experts at Fusion Marketing. We'll help you choose the perfect stock for your material, design it according to your specifications, and make sure that they are printed correctly so you can focus on what's important - running your business. Save time and headaches by letting Fusion Marketing take care of all your printing needs. We're not cheap, but we're worth it!

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