Emily Alber Art – Green Moth Art

Emily Alber Art – Green Moth Art

Emily Alber Art - Green Moth Art (1) Emily Alber Art - Green Moth Art (2) Emily Alber Art - Green Moth Art (3) Emily Alber Art - Green Moth Art (4)

Project Details

The marriage of digital art and one original painting from Emily Alber Art has created a beautiful, digitally rendered original piece of artwork. Fusion Marketing did the work with close consultation from the artist herself to keep it as accurate and pristinely true to her vision as possible; she would never want anyone else altering or manipulating it in any way! This is an incredible opportunity for all those who might not have been able to see this piece otherwise because, without our expertise, they wouldn't be able to get their hands on such rare items. Art like this painting is collector-worthy, making you feel just how deeply passionate Ms. Alber really is about her craft. Hence, life is inspired by what seems like nothing at first glance but then becomes everything when seen.
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